We believe we are called to faithfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ, giving glory to God.


We desire to be a leading, faithful, witnessing, diverse, and growing community of God’s people.

Core Values

Leading: We have an ongoing tradition of leadership in our community. We are committed to meeting the ever-changing spiritual and physical needs of our community.

Faithful: Our life together centers on vibrant worship and praise as we glorify God. We are a dynamic community of faith—reformed and always reforming. We strive to be faithful managers of the gifts that God has provided for us.

Witnessing: Through compassionate service and working for justice, we share the hope we have in Jesus Christ, seeking to become spiritual partners with our neighbors.

Diverse: As a community of Jesus Christ, we unconditionally welcome all people in the manner of our Lord and Savior.

Growing: We seek spiritual growth for children and adults through prayer, the teaching and study of Scripture, and the sharing of our faith’s journey.