Do you want to grow in your understanding of the foundational and significant elements of your faith? Do you want to challenge yourself and your faith with new questions and new thinking? 

Our Academy of Christian Discipleship offers short-term courses with quality offerings taught by a rotating selection of excellent faculty. Come with us as we explore biblical study, spiritual formation, current events, and health and wholeness.


Begins August 25 and runs through September 29.  Classes are held at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings.

"Developing Your God Connection: Skills for the Christian in Daily Life" taught by Chip Schaaf.  Come discuss how the mind affects our health and behavior.  Are stress and worry taking control of your life?  How can we replace these anxieties and focus on the still small voice to help shape our time and priorities? Chip is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida.

Gather in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and conversation.



Begins October 13 and runs through November 17.  Classes are held at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings.

What comes to mind when you hear the word Celtic? For some, perhaps a Boston basketball team, for others Irish dancing or distinctive music, and for others international soccer. Celtic also refers to an ancient form of Christianity that flourished for centuries on the frontiers of the Roman Empire in Ireland, Brittan, Scotland, and northern Europe. The church in the Celtic regions, marked by different customs, languages, and beliefs, flourished even as the Roman Empire disintegrated. Saintly leaders like Patrick, Columba, and Brigid emerged from this tradition, as well as incredible legacies of art and literature. Parts of that story are recorded in Thomas Cahill's How the Irish Saved Civilization. Remnants can be found today in hymns such as “Be Thou My Vision.” Celtic Christianity has much to say to us, offering opportunities to see our lives, our world, and our faith from a different perspective. Join us for a conversation in Room 223 as Dent Davis leads us in an exploration of the important legacy of Celtic Christianity: its history, beliefs, and practices, and their value for our day.

Gather in Fellowship Hall for coffee and conversation.


Ongoing opportunities for Adults:

Jean Luker leads a Bible Study using the 2019-2020 PW/Horizons Bible Study - Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments (or Words) are God's loving instructions to God's people for living an abundant and healthy life - as individuals, in community, and as a part of God's creation. "The Ten Words are an invitation into a passionate life with God and with each other.... They provide boundaries within which we can live in freedom and peace" (Love Carved in Stone, Introduction). Women of all ages are welcome.