Contributing to First Presbyterian Church


Our church community is one best described by the phrase, “with glad and generous hearts,” a term first used to describe the early Christians. Facing hardship and challenges they witnessed to the world the powerful good news of Christ’s love and grace by their outreach to others. There are many ways to give witness at our church. People give their time. They give their talents and abilities. And they give their financial resources.


2013 Stewardship Video (English)

2013 Stewardship Video (Spanish)



Ways We Can Contribute:


Online Giving to First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota
You can now contribute through online giving. Click on the logo above to give online today.


Time & Talents
Volunteer your time and share your talents in helping our church, reaching out to our city and involving yourself and others in the world – Serve & Connect. Some of our commitments require more time than others, but we have something for everyone and it is a wonderful way to get to know people if you are new to our church.


We give back in gratitude for all that has been bestowed upon us. Commitment Sunday takes place in October and people are asked to pledge their support at that time.

Many people feel that an intentional program of giving such as their annual pledge is a kind of spiritual discipline like prayer and worship and it helps them feel closer to God and more linked to our church and its work. We encourage our children and youth to join the adults in this commitment.

Our annual gifts provide for our many forms of worship, help us teach children and adults about our faith, supply funds for local agencies outside the church, support the work of mission in faraway places, work for peace, welcome visitors, keep our church and grounds well maintained and gives us the ability to support one another.

Envelopes are distributed to those who pledge. Some people give each Sunday. Others prefer to give monthly or annually. A pledge is not binding – we realize the difficult times some families are encountering these days. All gifts, large and small, are our way of being a part of First Presbyterian’s ministry and mission.

If you are a visitor look for an envelope found in each pew in which you may put either cash or a check (made out to First Presbyterian Church – Sarasota). If you do not have the means to give a gift, you are still very welcome to always be a part of our church.



The Foundation for The First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota

The Foundation

Create your legacy with a commitment to giving.

Why a foundation?

The Foundation was established to provide a more permanent vehicle to expand the ongoing ministry of our church through planned and memorial giving.


First Presbyterian Church Sarasota first established endowment funds in 1992 to allow members and friends of the church an opportunity to bestow long-term sustainable support of the Lord’s work.


How does The Foundation operate?

The Foundation for The First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota, Inc. operates as a Florida not for profit 501(c)(3) corporation. It is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of seven active members of First Presbyterian Church Sarasota. Four members of the board are appointed by The Session and the remaining three members are appointed by the elected board.


The Covenant Society - A gift for the future

The Covenant Society was established in 1996 to recognize those individuals and families who have or plan to support the mission of First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota with a planned gift. Today there are more than 50 members, each providing a real vision for the future of our church.


As a member of The Covenant Society, your gift can be a living memorial in your name or the name of a loved one providing a legacy of your faith that will ensure the work of Jesus Christ will continue long after you are gone.


Ways you can give include making a current gift of cash, stock, or real estate to the church or its foundation.  You may also give at your death by naming The Foundation to receive a gift through your Will or Trust Agreement, as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement account, or as the charitable recipient through a charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity. 


About The Endowment Funds


“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. ” 2 Corinthians 9:11


The Foundation for First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota, Inc. receives and uses gifts for the future ministry of this church in the name of Jesus Christ.  The gifts will be used as directed by the donor through one of the following five funds.


General Endowment Fund

This fund is for gifts not designated to a particular fund but are maintained as part of the endowment. Distributions are made to the Session of the church and used as directed by the Session based on current needs.


Ministry & Benevolence Endowment Fund

This fund is for gifts used in a variety of ways to enable mission and ministry, education and formation, and worship and music in the life of the church and community. The gifts are maintained as part of the endowment, and distributions are used to support benevolences, mission and ministries of the church at home and abroad.


Scholarship Endowment Fund

This fund is for gifts maintained as part of the endowment and used to provide scholarships for members of First Presbyterian Church.


Property Endowment Fund

This fund is for gifts used to support the maintenance, repair and improvement of the church property, including acquisition of church property and reduction of debt on church property. The gifts are maintained as part of the endowment.


Designated Gifts Fund

This fund is for restricted gifts, which are not intended to be maintained as part of the endowment, but rather to be used according to the intention of the donor and with the approval of the Session.


Ways To Give


Current Gifts

Current gifts of cash, stocks, or other types of property can be made directly to the Foundation by making the transfer today. If your assets have appreciated in value, you may be able to take a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the gift and avoid payment of capital gains tax on the appreciation.


Testamentary Gifts by Your Last Will and Testament or Trust Agreement

Gifts made to the Foundation at your death can be directed by the terms of your Last Will and Testament or Trust Agreement.


Gifts from Your IRA

Each year, Congress decides whether gifts can be made directly from your IRA to the Foundation by direct transfer without being included in your taxable income for that year (which is a very nice tax result). When that occurs, IRA owners who are over 70 ½ can direct their IRA custodian to transfer up to $100,000 from the IRA directly to the Foundation. If Congress does not permit this, the gift is included in ordinary income and a charitable deduction can be taken. Either way this works is a good result for the donor and an excellent result for the Foundation, since it does not pay income tax on the IRA distributions.


Gifts from Your Life Insurance

You can either transfer the ownership of the policy to the Foundation during your lifetime, or you can make the Foundation the recipient of the life insurance proceeds at your death by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of the policy.


Gifts form Charitable Remainder Trusts

You can establish a charitable remainder trust and name the Foundation as the beneficiary of that trust.



Please contact the church office with any questions regarding The Foundation or how to become a member of The Covenant Society.

Memorial Gifts
Financial gifts can be given to our church in memory of, or to honor someone, or to recognize a special occasion. Memorial gifts may be given to the church's endowment or to the annual fund or they may be given for a specific purpose. Please call one of the Pastors or the Finance Manager to discuss a memorial gift.