Plant With Purpose

Of the world’s poorest people—those scraping by on less than $1.25 a day— 70 percent live in rural areas. Most depend on the land for survival through small-scale farming. But due to environmental damage, the land isn’t producing enough. Parents struggle to put food on the table, pay for basic needs, and send their kids to school.

Yet in the midst of this cycle of poverty, there is hope. Plant With Purpose, a Christian nonprofit organization, reverses deforestation and poverty around the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor. Rather than focusing on one problem or solution, Plant With Purpose uses an integrated three-part approach of environmental restoration, economic empowerment, and spiritual renewal. Since 1984 the organization has grown to partner with 355 communities across the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania, Burundi, and Thailand.

The impact:

  • 12 million trees planted to restore land
  • 646 savings-and-loan groups established to help rural families save money
  • 258 local churches equipped to care for their communities
  • 114,000 children and adults experiencing transformation

Plant With Purpose grows hope by equipping families to improve their lives and land. Through partnership with Plant With Purpose, farming families are empowered to change their circumstances, provide for their children, and live with God-given hope and dignity.




Nicaragua (CEPAD)

Members from First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota, along with some members of First Presbyterian Church Bradenton, have worked with CEPAD, an organization of evangelical churches in Nicaragua. We have gone to aid with construction of homes, to assist with harvesting crops and to create a fish pond to raise Tilapia. These are spiritually powerful experiences for all who help and are helped.

The love of Christ is felt by all.

RHINO (Rebuilding Hope In New Orleans)

rhino_logo_001RHINO is an outreach ministry of St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church. We have sent ten mission teams to work with other volunteers in New Orleans since October 2005. This mission trip provides meaningful service opportunities while building relationships and witnesses to God’s good work. If you are interested in this ministry, please email Rachel Martin.


Well educated and with vast experiences, Bernie and Fasijana Adenev-Risakotta have been serving in Indonesia since the 1990’s.

They are Christians in a country that contains more Muslims than the entire Middle East.  With other Christians, they spend much of their time working with Muslims to build a just society.