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Sept. 22   Seeing Our Neighbors, Loving Our Neighborhood Bell   text  
Sept. 22   Saying Yes and Saying No Bell   text  
Sept. 22   Taking Hold of Life Bell   text  
Sept. 22   What About Money? Bell   text  
Aug. 18   Tricky Business Bell   text  
Mar. 10   Ticket to Ride Bell   text  
Sept. 30   Using All Our Smarts Bell   text  
Sept. 16   What Can We Pay for Life? Bell   text  
Sept. 9   We Keep Learning Bell   text  
Sept. 2   Risky Worship, Risky Discipleship: Is Cleanliness Next to Godliness? Bell   text  
August 26   30 Years?! What?! Bell   text  
August 5   Looking for Jesu Bell   text  
July 29   Just a Taste? Bell    text  
July 22   Pointing Jesus Out For Us Bell   text  
July 15   Caught in the Tension Rev. Paul Reiter      
July 8   My Honor Student Is Smarter Than Yours Bell    text  
July 1   Your Faith is Embarrassing Bell    text  
June 24   Riding Out the Storm Bell   text  
June 17   Hiddenness and Growth Fitzgerald      
June 10   Hooray! It’s the End of the World As We Know it! Phillips      
June 3   God’s Persistent Presence  Fitzgerald      
May 27    Dancing in the Spirit  Bell   text  
May 20   A Lively Faith Bell      
May 13   Easter Life: Protected & Sent Bell   text  
May 6   Easter Life: In a Word: Love Bell   text  
April 29   YOUTH SUNDAY        
April 22    Easter Life: Called to Care Fitzgerald       
April 15   Easter Life: Starting Again Bell   text  
April 8   Easter Life: The Rhythm Bell   text  
April 1   Where Does Your Easter Begin? Bell      
March 29   Maunday Thursday
Sooner or Later
Bell   text  
March 25    Journeys of Love: Fall in Love  Fitzgerald      
March 18    Journeys of Love: Thinking Differently Bell   text  
March 11   Journeys of Love: Good News Bell    text  
March 4   Journeys of Love: Action and Reaction Bell    text  
Feb. 25   Journeys of Love: Upside Down Bell   text  
Feb. 18   Journeys of Love: We Need Help Bell    text  
Feb. 11   A God of Surprises: The Best of Our Tradition Bell   text  
Feb. 4    What Don’t You Understand about Amen?        
Jan. 28   My Way or the Highway? Bell   text  
Jan. 21   A Question of Identity Bell   text  
Jan. 14, 2018   Spiritual Growth, Here & Now Bell   text  
Jan. 7, 2018    All Things New Fitzgerald      
Dec. 17   Not the One Bell    text  
Dec. 10    Comfort My People Bell    text  
Dec. 3   Not Now ? Bell    text 
Nov. 19   Out of Time Bell   text  
October 15   Gathering for the Feast Bell   text  
October 8   The Great Reversal Bell    text  
Sept. 24   Strange Policies, Unusual Practices  Bell   text  
Sept. 17   Living for Each Other Bell   text  
August 27   Material World Bell   text  
July 30   Life as a Parable Bell   text  
July 9   Peace, Rest, Gentleness Bell   text  
July 2   On The Road Bell   text  
 June 18   For Us Bell    text  
June 4   Getting Up Bell    text  
May 21   Orphaned Bell   text  
May 7    Made for Each Other Bell   text  
April 23   Leaning into Joy Bell   text
April 16, 2017   EASTER
All Out of the Ordinary
Bell   text  

 April 9, 2017       All About the Parade  Fitzgerald    
March 26, 2017   Meeting Jesus: A Blind Man Bell     audio
March 19, 2017     Bell     audio
March 12, 2017   Meeting Jesus: The Power of Trust  Bell   text  
December 25, 2016   The Light of the World
Christmas Day
Bell   text  
December 24, 2016   A New Start
Christmas Eve
Bell   text  
December 18, 2016    Release and Deliverance Bell   text  
 December 11, 2016    In the Meantime  Bell   text  
 November 27, 2016    Living In Between Bell   text  
 November 20, 2016    Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior Bell    text  
 October 16, 2016    Wrestling with Persistence: 
A Blessing
Bell    text  
Sept. 4, 2016    Influence and Power – In Both Directions  Bell Video       
August 28, 2016   A Strange Contentment Bell Video   audio
August 21, 2016   The God of Surprises Who Breaks Every Boundary Bell Video   audio
July 10, 2016   Going Down the Road     text  
March 13, 2016   Imagine the Future: Letting Go of the Brittle Past Bell     audio
March 6, 2016   Imagine the Future: Returning Home Rev. Floyd Churn     audio
February 28, 2016   Imagine the Future: Next Year’s Fruit Rev. Margaret LaMotte Torrence     audio
Fubruary 21, 2016  

Imagine the Future:  Lamenting with Jesus
and Trusting What Comes Next

Bell     audio
February 14, 2016   Imagine the Future:
Remembering the Days Ahead
Bell     audio
February 7, 2016  

To Belong Faith Focus Weekend

Rev. Shannon Craigo-Snell

Professor of Theology at Louisville
Theological Seminary

January 31, 2016   Follow Jesus? Bell   text  audio
January 24, 2016   The Bible and Our Lives and World Bell   text  audio
January 17, 2016   Party! Bell   text  audio
January 10, 2016   Named and Claimed Bell   text  audio
January 3, 2016   Light to Guide You Rev. Margaret LaMotte Torrence     audio