First Presbyterian Church offers a ministry of love and hope to all who grieve the loss of a loved one. We recommend holding funerals and memorial services in the sanctuary or chapel. The service of worship may be observed before or after the committal of the body. The service may include hymns, scripture, an exposition of the Word, recollections by family members and friends of the deceased, and prayers of thanksgiving, supplication and intercession. You may consult with our pastors about any other actions to be included in the service.

A Memorial Garden in the church courtyard has been established for the cremated remains of our members and their families and friends. Arrangements for inclusion in the Memorial Garden can be made through a request to the Memorial Garden Board, and, if granted, a suggested donation of $300. The garden is a quiet and beautifully maintained setting with no visible evidence of the placement of cremains. The name, birth, and death year of the deceased appears on a plaque placed on an adjacent marble wall. You may request name only to be placed on the wall, or put the name on the wall and have the cremains placed in the Garden. The placement of the cremains is done in private with a pastor present.

Request forms may be found in the Narthex or outside the church office in the lucite wall rack, and additional information is available from a pastor or Memorial Garden Committee Member.

All of our members are encouraged to plan in advance for their memorial service, which includes decisions about burial, cremation, and the content of the funeral service. Many people keep these instructions on file in our church office. Because the pastors are ordained to minister to our members in times of need, no fee is required for the services of church members. The fee for a nonmember is $150 for the organist, $75 for a soloist, and $75 for the sexton. (These fees may vary depending on the type of service requested.)

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