What changes 2020 has brought to us: global pandemic, national unrest, congregational grief … How do we talk about stewardship in such a season?

We do it honestly by sharing our fears and our hopes. The same Spirit that hovered over the waters of creation, bringing order from chaos, will keep moving in us, too-calling us to new ways of being the Church in changing circumstances.

We do it courageously, knowing that there has never been a time when the Church was more urgently needed.

We do it together, with care for the most vulnerable in our midst, knowing that God has richly blessed this community with skills and passion and resources, equipping us for just such a time as this.

Our security-and our purpose-come from knowing that we belong, in life and in death, to the God who is always creating, redeeming and sustaining the world. We have the immense privilege of being invited to be partners in that work.

As we continue to find new ways to worship, to connect with each other, and to care for the larger community, know that the Session intends to put your gifts to work where their impact will be most needed.

We know that circumstances vary widely within our worshiping community. Some of us will not be able to make the gifts we had hoped to make. Others of us, not so harshly affected, may be able to step up and cover some of that shortfall. Regardless, we will continue to be the Church, to worship and serve, to praise the God from whom all blessings flow. God will knit together the various forms of offering we bring and make much from them.

Please give as you are able when making your 2021 pledge to further the mission of Christ in and through our church.  It takes all of us!  We are each vital to carrying out the mission of First Presbyterian Church together.