Youth and Families

What keeps youth connected to church?

Youth and Family Ministry at First Presbyterian Church partners with families to help build strong and healthy relationships and provide meaningful experiences to enrich the middle and high school years.
Though the first and primary responsibility for the discipleship of youth is their parents, the local church also has a responsibility to minister to teens as individuals, especially as their move toward adulthood. Ministry to youth and families does not replace the work of parents but it does partner with families to equip and encourage.
Teens know that church is not cool.  But we don’t have to be cool to be relevant.  What the church does have is “God with us” – and that is enough.  A relationship with Christ is what differentiates us from other organizations. So at church we are going to talk about Jesus.  We are going to go on mission trips and talk about Jesus.  We are going to go outside of comfort zones and look for God’s presence in the world.  We are going to connect to each other in new ways that allow for the Spirit to show us a way of relating to the world.
Your family has made a commitment to be a part of a church – but why?  Is that an answer you can articulate together?
We want your youth – we want your family – to have a lasting and consequential faith. One that is centered on Christ, infused with grace and built on intergenerational relationships and intergenerational worship. Our hope is that in doing so, that several years from now,  we can contact your kids and find them still active in a church, committed to their faith and striving to live out their faith in daily life.
May your time here at church help bring your family closer to God and each other.